Drinking wine? Don't throw away the corks! Start collecting memories of your wine travels.

Pan Listwa wine cork holder

can be an unusual gift that will be appreciated not only by wine lovers, but also by fans of minimalistic and unique design. The cork holder helps to keep corks from wine bottles in one place and will be a spectacular decoration of you home. It is a great element of interior decoration - you can put it on a dresser or hang it on the wall and proudly present the history of your „wine journeys”.

  • Custom desing inscription

    Would you like me to put a personalized inscription on your product? No problem. Write to me what it should be and I will prepare an example within a few days.

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  • Removable front wall

    The front panel is removable. You can easily dump the corks outside and start all the fun from the beginning!

  • Drop the corks in!

    Drop corks in through the top hole, secured with a natural cork. What's more, you can easily throw in large corks from sparkling wines!

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